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We understand Technology & Digital in our world today

iO create innovative solutions for the UK’s most sought after technology and digital clients, sourcing the most experienced people within the technology and digital sector across contract, interim, search
and permanent appointments.

Technology and digital run through the heart of everything we do – whether we’re using market intelligence to bolster opportunities, or MI and analytics to ensure that the best people hear about them.

Our extensive knowledge and experience within the technology and digital sector enables us to offer valuable advice and bespoke, partnership-led recruitment solutions to our clients.

iO {ahy-oh}

This simple phonetical word personifies Science & Technology in our world today.

iO is not only Jupiter’s primary moon, but it is also based on the globally recognised symbol for “Input/Output”, it stands for the fundamental idea that in computing, technology and digital, every input results in an output. This is something we at iO hold with great importance and responsibility. The work we put in ensures results for our clients.

It has a visual representation that evokes similarities to the boolean digital values 1 & 0. Even tech giant Google called their annual developer summit 'Google I/O’ - an event directed at the worlds best creative coders who 'are building what’s next.’ Its this approach that ensures iO take advantage of our experience within the sector, to develop creative, bespoke and innovative solutions for the UK’s most sought after businesses.


  1. Astronomy - a large volcanically active moon of the planet Jupiter
  2. Mythology - lover of Zeus
  3. Additional - Google’s annual software summit


  1. Chemistry - Io, Ionium
  2. Computers - I/O, Input/Output

Meet the Directors

  • Mark Lloyd


  • Neil Willis-Stovold


  • Tom Hibberd


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