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Our offshore talent solution aimed is at revolutionising the traditional recruitment landscape.

iOffshore leverages our extensive network to tap into a rich pool of top-tier, experienced professionals across various industries.

Designed to function as an extension of our UK, USA, and EU operations, iOffshore provides seamless integration of offshore capabilities with our established recruitment expertise.

iOffshore is more than a service; it is a partnership geared towards achieving optimal staffing outcomes, enhancing operational capacity, and creating sustained growth. In this remote working world, utilise iOffshore to increase your global talent pool through iO's extensive network. Managed entirely from nearshore offices in the UK and USA, all your contact is with your local team, who are
supported by iO's office in Chandigarh. This ensures streamlined communication and project management.

iOffshore Benefits:

  • Cost Efficiency

Significantly reduce recruitment costs by utilising an offshore model from our India office in Chandigarh without compromising on quality.

  • Simplified Interactions

Clients deal directly with the UK, EU and USA based entity, streamlining communication and project management.

  • Access to Global Talent

Gain access to a diverse pool of global talent, ensuring the best fit for specialised roles that might be difficult to fill locally.

  • Speed in Hiring

Experience faster recruitment cycles with streamlined processes and a ready pool of talent, reducing the time from job posting to hiring.

  • Full Compliance

You will solely deal with a local entity for all legal, compliance and finance ensuring providing peace of mind regarding tax and employment law adherence in India.

  • Effective Management

With a 98% retention of offshore employeeswith52% being based in our Indian Office you benefit from a robust matrix system that ensures projects are managed efficiently.

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