Working with top talent within the Engineering sector.

The iO Engineering division has extensive experience in sourcing the calibre of talent required to create the products and infrastructure of the future. We build long-term partnerships with our clients so that we understand their exact requirements, their people and their company ethos which enables us to find them the perfect candidates.

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We don’t just fill roles, we work alongside our clients to create long-term resourcing solutions across a number of industries. Delivering top talent across contract, interim, search and permanent appointments, our network throughout the UK & Europe leaves us a well placed partner to resolve all of your resourcing requirements or find the role that’s perfect for you.

Specialist Industries



At iO we work to support both primes and system integrators with delivering talent throughout the entire system life cycle.

Both Homeland and traditional Land, Sea and Air Systems are under constant pressure to keep up with the evolving defence landscape. They need to continually evolve to offer not just the best protection capabilities, but increased flexibility and versatility required by the modern forces.

We support the Defence industry from requirements capture all the way through to development, integration, validation and launch of complex electronic systems, all working to keep us safe from external threats from around the world.


At iO, our expert consultants source the best candidates, whether contract or permanent, into the numerous large-scale global aerospace companies we partner with.

With the Aerospace sector having grown by almost 50% over the last decade, our expertise in the skill sets required and our extensive talent pool are of vital importance and we deliver every time.

Our time to hire is testament to our extensive network and ensures that we can deliver for our partners at a pace that keeps them ahead of the competition.


With consistent investment and development in healthcare and drug delivery, there is an ever increasing need to ensure that talent in the field of life sciences is second to none. The stringent FDA & ISO approval ratings are a constant consideration to ensure the quality and safety of any innovation in the industry.

iO are dedicated to the supply of top-quality personnel in the development of manufacturing systems, regulatory affairs and the regulatory / compliance checking for any new drug entering the market.


The UK automotive industry has demonstrated time and time again that it is consistently impacted by innovation. The recent turn towards carbon neutrality and even autonomy has brought with it an increasing demand for adaptable, talented and forward-thinking talent.

At iO we work across both Research & Development and Manufacturing within the automotive sector.

The candidates that we place ensures that the industry remains innovative and second to none for design, feasibility of manufacture and efficiency of mass delivery.


The FMCG sector is the only market to buck the trend of manufacturing in the UK, posting continuous successive increases in GDP contribution and volume manufactured. With an ever increasing need to grow our own produce efficiently, and with the quality expected by the UK authorities, investment in this sector is set to remain high.

Our focus within this field is in manufacturing, QHSE and operational leadership. We ensure that the candidates we place are responsible for the most time efficient, high quality and cost-effective manufacturing sites.

Through manufacturing excellence, continued maintenance and operational delivery, we have become a fully integrated recruitment partner to some of the UK's leading FMCG's.


The introduction of 5G will see revolutionary services and unprecedented communication speeds bringing the global community closer together than ever before. The next generation telecoms networks and mobile devices will allow the downloading of 4K video in mere seconds and new levels of call clarity. Keeping this digital frontier moving forwards requires constant innovation and introduction of new technology IP from both OEMs and challenger brands.

iO associates have in-depth expertise in this area and have worked alongside the brands consistently breaking new ground in how we communicate with each other.


Smart cities, factories, manufacturing, transportation and energy grids are paving the way of the future creating new efficiencies and helping to maintain sustainability.

From mineral and petrochemical processing to managing the impact of industrial enterprises on the natural environment, the need for technology to help smarter production has never been higher in the ever-changing markets of today.

Medical Devices

The development of products that affect living organisms is a different ball game to other forms of engineering and, within medical device, the approach to design and manufacture within this field requires experience; patience; innovation and passion for the work you do. It is a sector that inspires brilliance through its purpose.

At iO we focus on the recruitment of staff within the field of R&D (Mechanical; Electronics; Embedded) and Manufacturing (Operations; Quality; Compliance; RA; Lean Manufacturing; Optical Engineering).

Internet of Things

Billions of devices all connected to the internet – everything from coffee makers, washing machines, headphones, lamps, wearable devices to machine components, jet engines, oil rigs and almost anything else you can think of.  

The reality is that the IoT allows for virtually endless opportunities and connections to take place, many of which we can't even imagine or fully understand the impact of today. It’s a concept that has the potential to impact not only how we live but also how we work and is already taking the lead role in shaping tomorrows everyday life.

In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, companies and organisations need a search partner that understands.

iO’s team of motivated, highly experienced and knowledgeable consultants utilise their unrivalled expertise to provide bespoke solutions to suit any business challenge.

Our consultants are experts in the multiple technical markets they cover, each with a level and depth of understanding you would expect from a premium talent partner. With a vast network of professionals skilled in engineering, we work alongside our clients to share the latest in cutting-edge technology and network with highly skilled candidates.

Our extensive knowledge and experience within the engineering sector enables us to offer valuable advice and bespoke, partnership-led recruitment solutions to our clients. Find out more on how we can help your resourcing solutions today.

Senior Engineering Team