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Project Solutions

Project Solutions

iO Associates Project Solutions provides an outcome-based approach to your project and programme requirements.

Our Project Solutions provides a genuine alternative to the traditional consultancies, system integrators, and professional services organisations that can be inflexible, restrictive, and far too costly. We are experts in providing skilled resourcing and talent solutions far more quickly, flexibly, and cost-effectively.

We partner with public service leaders to deliver lasting change through an outcomes-focused approach. Our aim is to foster seamless collaboration with our clients. We're dedicated to shifting mindsets and embedding sustainable change within organisations to ensure long-term success. We have extensive experience in working across the Public Sector - putting in place project teams of specialist resources to deliver against specific requirements.

Our approach is to carefully scope and plan the project with the client to ensure all requirements are fully understood, this includes drawing on the expertise of the resources we’d deploy on the project/project advisors – who will be highly-skilled individuals who have previously run similar projects in your sector.

Our clients not only benefit from the advantages of working with our team of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals - but also our risk-sharing approach, providing our outcome-based services which can include a specific set of deliverables, timelines, milestones, payment conditions, and acceptance criteria and are supported with reporting, control, and governance against the agreed outcomes.

Benefits of our Project Solution include:

  • Improved Project Delivery
    Rather than a traditional contractor approach where things are driven by timesheets, our resources are incentivised by the agreed deliverables, milestones, and outcomes, meaning everyone remains focused. This often results in projects being delivered on time and with little project creep, helping enable us to provide a solution that is better value for money and allowing us to be more cost-effective for our clients.

  • Expert Resources
    Due to decades of developing extensive networks of highly skilled associates, we can quickly access essential expertise, skills, and resources with a proven track record of delivery.

  • Fast Deployment
    We can improve the speed of deployment and become productive with rapid contract and onboarding times.

  • Shared Risk
    Projects can be set up where a proportion or all of our charges will be payable following your acceptance of the agreed deliverables stated in the initial planning phase.

  • Reducing Risk
    By controlling and governing compliance obligations we provide a ‘fully contracted-out service’ - as defined by HMRC, removing all your IR35 liabilities.

  • No IR35 Administration
    No Status Determination assessments/statements and we are the ones who need to manage any IR35 status disputes.

Find out more on our IR35 solution here.

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