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iO Java Virtual Meetup - Intro to Apache Kafka and Kafka Streams

Posted on December 2020 By Mason Simmonds

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iO Associates are delighted to bring you the next instalment of our Java Virtual Meetups! Our latest meetup featured Erik Schmiegelow, CEO at Hivemind Technologies, who preseneted a fantastic talk on ‘Intro to Apache Kafka and Kafka Streams’.

In this session, Erik gave an overview of Apache Kafka, explaining its architecture and design principles, giving us a better understanding of its benefits for stream oriented applications and event processing use cases. He also walked us through Kafka Stream, showing us how it works and how well it integrates into Kafka when building message driven applications.

About the speaker
Erik is a functional developer, engineer, software architect and entrepreneur. Erik has been building software platforms since the 90s, enjoying solving difficult problems at scale. He is the CEO at Hivemind Technologies, a remote-centric European engineering consultancy with people in the UK, Portugal, France and Germany. They help people design better systems, migrate their workloads to the cloud, build scalable data-centric platforms and learn new concepts and gain new skills. In his spare time, Erik enjoys hiking, a good book and coffee, as well as music.

You can view the full video here:

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