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iO Java Virtual Meetup - Ultra-High Reliability Architecture at Scale’

Posted on April 2021 By Inness Law

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iO Associatesare delighted to bring you the next in our series of Java Virtual Meetups! This week, we were joined by Jason Maude, Chief Technology Advocate at Starling Bank, who presented a talk on ‘Ultra-High Reliability Architecture at Scale’.

When building a banking platform from scratch, reliability is a core concern. You have to make sure that every payment and card transaction goes through without a hitch or your customers will stop trusting you.

In this talk we looked at how to build a system that is optimised for reliability, how to test that reliability, and how to retain it as your numbers scale.

About the speaker

Jason Maude is a coder, coach, and public speaker. He has over a decade of experience working in the financial sector, primarily in creating and delivering software. He is passionate about explaining complex technical concepts to those who are convinced that they won't be able to understand them. He currently works at Starling Bank as their Chief Technology Advocate and host of the Starling podcast.

You can watch the full session here:

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