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The Defence Series - Regaining the Initiative, Exploiting Data Within Defence

Posted on April 2021 By Danny Watts

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iO Associates are excited to bring you our new panel discussion as part of The Defence Series’ - ‘Regaining the Initiative, Exploiting Data within Defence’! Our first instalment was hosted by iO’s Business Manager Danny Watts.

During our first discussion, we covered the following topics:

• How do we best improve the quality and accuracy of our data?

• What steps are needed to ensure the integrity, confidentiality and security of data?

• How do we improve the knowledge, education and behaviours of our people to ensure data is managed as a strategic asset?

• How can we enable the exploitation of new data-driven technologies to meet information, business and operational changes?

• Where do technologies like AI, Machine Learning and Digital Twins fit into the future of Defence?

• In terms of data maturity, how far off are we from utilising these technologies fully?

You can watch the full recording here:


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