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iO .Net Virtual Meetup - Implementing the Geode Pattern in Azure with Front Door

Posted on July 2021 By Charlotte Herapath

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iO Associates are excited to bring you our latest .Net Virtual Meetup! We were joined by William Eastbury, Principal Azure Architect and Engineer at Microsoft, who delivered a session on 'Implementing the Geode Pattern in Azure with Front Door, Azure App Service and Azure Cosmos DB'.

Many large-scale services have specific challenges around geo-availability and scale.

The Geode pattern involves deploying a collection of backend services into a set of geographical nodes, each of which can service any request for any client in any region. This pattern allows serving requests in an active-active style, improving latency and increasing availability by distributing request processing around the globe.

We walked through a practical demo of this architecture and built a cloud-scale, globally geo-resilient, and globally performant scaled data storage service architecture that will perform at scale from all corners of the globe.

About Will:

Will is a Principal Engineer on the FastTrack for Azure Engineering team at Microsoft, helping customers to build, deploy and scale cloud solutions. A 25 year technology veteran in the sector, Will helps customers ask, and answer the hardest challenges around cloud technologies, regardless of size or budget.

​You can watch the full recording here:

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