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What are the benefits of hiring a specialist recruiter?

Posted on November 2022 By IO Associates

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Many businesses are now realising the long-term value of partnering with a specialist recruiter. If your company is growing, you are going to need more skilled employees to build your team and make your business succeed. Within the tech and digital sectors, having the right skilled professionals on your team is imperative. 

You could take this all on yourself, but at iO Associates, we recruit the highest calibre of talent to create the products and infrastructure of the future, allowing you to keep adding value where it matters.

So, in this notion, what are the benefits of hiring a specialist recruiter?

Hiring the best talent

Some of the best candidates for the role won’t be actively looking. Specialist recruiters will be able to navigate the employed market, as well as offer you candidates that are searching. A percentage of the most suitable candidates will already be employed; therefore, you may not have come across them on your own. However, enlisting somebody who has industry knowledge and expertise in knowing which candidates will be open to opportunities, you’re more likely to speak with niche candidates who are a good fit for your business. Essentially, hiring a specialist recruiter who uses tailored search and innovative tools widens your potential talent pool.

Productivity and time

Taking hours out of your working week to recruit removes you from your workforce, and it’s important to remember how valued you are within your workforce. By contacting specialist recruiters, you don’t have to sacrifice your workload, leaving the task of recruiting in the hands of the experts.

Furthermore, the hiring process can become long and unpredictable. It is sensible to have one point of contact and an exclusive driving force to manage the process, enabling your team to maintain productivity.

Bad Hires Are Costly

The cost of hiring the wrong candidate for a role can range from £30,000 to £150,000. That’s a lot of wasted resource and time for your business.

A specialist recruiter will be able to provide insight reports, industry trends, and a competitive salary offering. This ensures you understand the market and make the right hire. Additionally, recruiters will have worked closely with both you and the candidate throughout the hiring process. So, they are in the unique position of knowing what you can offer and what the candidate will accept. Specialist recruiters might come with a fee attached but that fee gives you access to wider talent pools, niche candidates, job boards for advertising and social platforms.

At iO Associates, we see our role as one where we not only listen to our clients, but through our partnership approach can offer advice and guidance on the full hiring process, including talent attraction and retention. In this, we are passionate about pairing the right employees with the right companies. Hiring and retaining talent in a competitive environment is a challenge. We give our clients more skilled candidates, saving you time and providing you with greater insight.

If you would like to find out more about iO Associates, or if you would like to discuss your hiring needs, then please do get in touch today: Contact.