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2023: The Top 6 In-Demand Skills

Posted on December 2022 By iO Associates

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2023 is fast approaching and with the start of a new year arrives the promise of new career possibilities.

The career market is always evolving, alongside a constant shift in skill demand. Some occupations will lose popularity while others gain an edge. Understanding which skills are most in demand and highly valued will give you an advantage when looking to swap job roles.

Research suggests that next year the most in demand jobs for 2023 will be Data Science, Engineering, User Experience, Digital Content, and Digital Marketing in addition to many other rising professions.

To give you a helping hand we’ve listed the most highly sought-after hard and soft skills for 2023. Read on to find out how to make an impression next year!


Teamwork takes the top spot for what employees look for in candidates. According to Haiilo ‘about 75% of employers rate teamwork and collaboration as “very important”’[i]. Alongside this the other 25% still consider teamwork somewhat important. When preparing for interviews there are plenty of great ways to address your quality of teamwork skills. Some of these include actively listening to your colleagues and volunteering valuable ideas, helping to create a positive and supportive environment, and taking instruction from team leaders.


Communication is the second most important skill to work on. This is because effective communication is proven to make you a more productive worker and cut down miscommunication issues which is valuable for any business. Good communication can also improve how you articulate yourself, which can increase your likelihood of being hired for a competitive role.

Problem solving

29% of employers agree that problem solving is within the top desired skills for working. A candidate with apt digital fluency and successful independent problem solving will be much more valuable than those without. Problem solving is a great skill to showcase as it also improves teamwork and communication to find the solution.

Work ethic and motivation

Work ethic and motivation go hand in hand. Asking peers or colleagues to leave you a review to post on LinkedIn is one way to show employers that you demonstrate these skills frequently and to exceptional standards.

Tech skills

Next year more than ever employers may be looking for candidates who possess advanced tech skills, including programming and coding skills. The most valuable tech skills to invest in include Java, C, Python, UI, and UX. Having experience in these skills could be the difference between landing your next dream job or not…

Data skills

As Clive Humby said, ‘Data is the new oil’. Similarly, to the increased demand for tech skills, the same applies to data skills[ii]. Data skills such as data visualization, data mining, and quantum analysis are of high value in the career field and will unlock a wider range of career opportunities alongside the possibly of a higher salary.

The truth is that if you’re actively seeking a new job in a competitive job field, you need to be thinking of unique and productive ways to stand out among other candidates alongside your profession. Adobe comments ‘If you want employers’ attention, it’s no longer enough to rely solely on what you learned in school. These days it’s crucial to research and develop additional skills on your own’[iii]. Focus on developing your skills if still in education, create a portfolio and selection of references from your best work, and hone your soft and hard skills.

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