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Want To Attract Even More Attention On LinkedIn? Try These Tips To Improve Your Online Presence

Posted on February 2023 By

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​At iO Associates we encourage our job candidates to utilise the benefits that LinkedIn has to offer. However, the platform (with over 875million users in 2023) can often seem elusive and difficult to use effectively.

LinkedIn is a powerful search engine that has the ultimate power to drive targeted, high-volume traffic to your profile. Not only this, but that high traffic can quickly turn into precious professional relationships and engagement with potential job interviews.

It’s time to take the next step in unlocking its power and increase your job-hunting skills. Here, we will lead you through some top tips to assist you with using LinkedIn to its maximum potential and guide you towards unlocking its valuable assets. 

Continue reading below to access critical knowledge in part 1 of this 2 part series!


Learn SEO terms and understand the fundamentals of the platform.

Parallel to most social media platforms, LinkedIn runs on an algorithm. In order to use this program to its complete ability it will be helpful to learn jargon that will assist you in attracting relevant and high quality job interviews.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

CTA – Call To Action

SEO Keywords – Words that attract the most digital attention and can lead to an increased traffic. These MUST be specific to your target audience and as precise as possible. Read on below to find out more!

Target Audience – The type of audience your media is aimed towards.

Conversions – The total number of times that users complete a required action after clicking a LinkedIn post.

Click Conversions - The percentage of clicks on your post that resulted in a conversion.

View Conversions – The percentage of impressions of your post that resulted in a conversion.


SEO Keywords

SEO Keywords are a great place to start when learning to utilise LinkedIn more efficiently. These keywords do exactly as they say and are the key to attracting an increase in conversions and general traffic to set yourself apart from competition.

Keywords such as ‘jobs in UK’ or ‘jobs in tech’ are broad, and though will help you find some potential placements, aren’t specific enough.

According to the software SE Ranking the word job alone results in 165K searches a month (based on searches in January 2023) making it vastly difficult to view the most relevant job interviews for you. A more effective keyword combination could be UK job search with 8.1K searches or even better jobs in Fintech UK which has even lower searches resulting in a high chance of accessing tailored and personal jobs in the top 10 results. Its niche, specific, and conveniently aimed towards your chosen sector.

Using keyword finding software such as Moz Keyword Explorer, Search Keyword Analytics for Chrome, and SE Ranking can help you to find productive keywords effortlessly.


CTA (Call to Action)

CTAs are a perfect way to engage your potential consultants and tell them how they should find out more once they have found you. They direct people to complete actions that benefit yourself resulting in more clicks and conversions. The simplest example of a CTA is ‘Buy Now!’

Peppering CTAs throughout your media (notably the start and end) ensures you do not lose any possible consultants along the way and gives you more opportunities to propose yourself as a quality candidate. Consider using hyperlinks alongside a CTA to direct people to your ‘about You’ page or CV. As Billy McCaffery author of WordStream comments ‘The more information you provide within your CTA, the better it is for all parties that are involved. Using a variety of techniques will only help to benefit your [yourself].’ 

Look at this example below: 

"Please click here to view my CV and get in touch today if you think I could be a perfect fit for your company."


Try out the below examples within your own blogs, posts, and emails! ​

Please click here…

If you are interested about my skills...

Please click here to…

Contact me on…

View this document here to see my skills…

Please send a message on…

Find out more by…

Please email me on…

Please view my experience here.

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