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iO Engineering Virtual Meetup - The C++ Series

Posted on May 2023 By Pippa Jones

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iO Associates are excited to bring you the first instalment of our C++ Series!

Our amazing guest speakers for the session included: 

• John Lakos, Manager Bloomberg and Author

• Klaus Iglberger, C++ Software design specialist and trainer

• Allan Jones, C++ Software specialist

John provided a discussion and open Q&A surrounding his books. Other topics covered during the session included:

- Are design patterns still relevant today?

- In the C++ community, why don‘t we talk more about software design?

- How had modern C++ changed the way we implement design patterns?  

And lots more.

You can watch the full recording here:

iO Associates, tech and digital recruitment specialists, have always been a very active member of multiple Meetup groups across the UK. We’re really keen to help keep our community positive and engaged hearing from the best speakers on the topics of your choice so encourage you to share this with your team and the wider community.

We hope you enjoyed the session, please get in touch at with any questions or suggestions on future virtual meetups. In addition, if there’s anything we can help you with in regards to sourcing candidates or finding a new role, please do also get in touch.