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Armed Forces Day 2023

Posted on June 2023 By CJ Adams

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iO Associates are thrilled to honour and recognise the incredible men and women who serve in the British Armed Forces on this special occasion of Armed Forces Day!

This day holds immense significance as we come together to show our unwavering support and gratitude for their selfless dedication.

Armed Forces Day UK is an annual event that pays tribute to our courageous armed forces personnel, past and present. It serves as a platform to express our deepest appreciation for their bravery, sacrifice, and tireless efforts in defending our nation's values and freedoms.

We sat down with Lead delivery Consultant CJ Adams, as he explains the significance of Armed Forces Day, why it is important to celebrate, and how iO Associates actively supports the armed forces.

We are deeply committed to supporting the defence industry in various ways, such as taking part in the Walking With The Wounded Challenge, supporting wounded veterans in their journey to regain independence and rebuild their lives and signing the covenant, pledging to support the employment and career development of veterans, reservists, and their families.

Check out the video below, or click the link below to find out more about how you can get involved with Armed Forces Day!

In addition, iO organise a range of technical meetups including The Defence Series. The iO Defence Series brings together the Defence community from all walks of life - whether previous service history, working within the MoD, working for a prime, and much more. We run events ranging from innovation in Defence, women in Defence and the future of SME’s along with interviews with key players in the industry.

Join The Defence Series HERE.