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PRG Are Disability Confident Level 2 Accredited

Posted on September 2023 By Tracy Wright

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In recognition of our support to our employees, clients and candidates, Precision Resource Group (PRG) are excited to announce that we have achieved the Disability Confident Level 2 accreditation!

What is Disability Confident Level 2?

Disability Confident is a government-backed initiative that encourages employers to become more disability-friendly and diverse in their hiring practices. Achieving Level 2 status means that PRG has demonstrated a commitment to:

  1. Attracting and recruiting less-people.

  2. Retaining and supporting less-abled employees.

  3. Promoting a culture of inclusivity and diversity.

  4. Continuously improving our disability employment practices.

This accomplishment is a testament to our dedication to creating an environment where every team member can thrive, regardless of their abilities. After achieving Level 1 in 2021, the Disability Confident Level 2 accreditation reflects our ongoing efforts to support and empower individuals with disabilities, providing them with the opportunities and resources they need to excel in their roles.

What Does This Mean for PRG?

Achieving Disability Confident Level 2 accreditation represents a significant step forward in our journey to create a workplace that values and celebrates the unique contributions of all our employees. As a Disability Confident Employer, PRG can continue to attract top talent from diverse backgrounds, ensuring that we remain an industry leader.

By being a Disability Employer, we’re joining those organisations that are leading the way in the business sector and beyond, helping to positively change attitudes, behaviours and cultures.

Get in touch with us to find out more on how we can help you become Disability Confident.