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iO Talent Month

Posted on January 2024 By iO Associates

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Welcome to Talent Month, a collaborative initiative by iO Associates and techSPARK! Throughout January, we're digging into the South West's tech talent landscape, bringing you revolutionary insights and strategies to navigate the developing world of tech recruitment.

About techSPARK and iO Associates:

techSPARK, is a not-for-profit community committed to strengthening tech ecosystems and collaborates with tech and digital businesses across the spectrum. iO Associates, which specialises in recruitment across tech, digital, engineering, government, and defence sectors, proudly stands as a headline sponsor of techSPARK.

Why Talent Month?

As the new year unfolds, many professionals are contemplating new career opportunities. This is the prime moment for companies to ensure they are ready to attract and retain the best talent.

iO Associates, with its extensive experience in securing top-tier talent, is championing Talent Month, alongside techSPARK, to share insights and strategies.

Gain Exclusive Insights:

Recently, we conducted a survey to understand the priorities of tech candidates when considering new job opportunities. The results will be unveiled at our event on the 25th of January at 6pm, hosted at our Bristol offices. These insights will offer a unique perspective into what prospective employees prioritise in the dynamic landscape of tech companies.

Event Highlights:

Our event, in collaboration with techSPARK, promises to be enlightening. It will not only unveil the survey findings but also provide additional insights from two industry leaders. Key topics include:

  • Is flexible working or remote work more important?

  • How do candidates perceive and rank a company's culture?

  • What progression options do candidates expect in their careers?

Details about the event's speakers will be announced soon, so stay tuned!

Use this opportunity to reassess your hiring process, understand what candidates seek today, and network with peers in the tech sector. iO Associates, as active participants in Meetup groups across the UK, is passionate about fostering a positive community. We encourage you to share this event with your team and the wider community.

Reserve Your Space:

To find out more about the event and reserve your space, click here. If you need assistance in sourcing candidates or finding a new role, feel free to get in touch with us. We look forward to working alongside and collaborating with you.