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DDD South West returns and iO Associates are sponsoring again this year.

Posted on March 2024 By Andy James

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iO Associates are delighted to be sponsoring DDD South West again this year, when it returns to the Engine Shed in Bristol on Saturday 27th April. DDD South West is an inclusive, non-profit developer conference organised by the community, for the community.

DDD South West is an eagerly anticipated event in the developer community, known for its inclusive and informative sessions that cover a wide range of topics within the software development realm. It's a fantastic opportunity for developers of all skill levels to dive into the latest trends, techniques, and technologies shaping the industry. The event's agenda is community-driven, ensuring that the content is relevant, up-to-date, and tailored to the interests of the attendees.

Our sponsorship of DDD South West underscores our commitment to empowering developers, building learning environments, and contributing to the growth and success of the tech industry.

As Andy James shares,

“I’m really excited that we’re supporting DDD South West again this year. We are fortunate in Bristol to have such a fantastic tech scene, encouraged by events like this one. It's great to see the community come together for a day of fantastic talks, networking, and catch ups."

We’re also excited that iO Associates’ very own Aaron Green has submitted a talk for this year’s event: Confident Communication for Developers (And Why It Matters). The ability to communicate confidently can unlock not only better-quality interactions but also new career prospects, higher salaries, improved team buy-in, and stronger work relationships. Aaron’s talk will take attendees on a journey, through belief, body language, and a little bit of science to offer a fresh perspective on communication. You can vote for Aaron’s talk here.

Supporting events like DDD South West, alongside our own iO Meetups, is part of our ongoing commitment to support tech professionals in their career journeys, helping them to secure their next role, while providing the most relevant talent solutions to our clients.

Reach out to Andy James today if you’re heading to DDD South West or would like to find out more about how iO Associates can support you in your career.

iO Associates, tech and digital recruitment specialists, have always been a very active member of the tech community in Bristol, and across the UK. We’re really keen to support events that help keep our community positive and engaged with opportunities to share knowledge and insights with peers.

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