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​How to attract and retain talent in an AI focused world, an exploration into the Cloud Expo Event

Posted on March 2024 By Natasha Alfano-Rogers

AI Talent Retention

Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking over the workforce in automated style. From coding to administration, AI is providing workforces with cheap, fast, and reliable work all achieved from the accessibility and comfort of a computer. Whilst the speed of AI can streamline the efficiency of workforces, this new way of developing information carries no lack of a reputation for striking fear of redundancy among work staff.

Exploring this topic further are iO Associates consultants Natasha Alfano-Rogers, George Simms, and Aaron Brewer. On Wednesday 6th March the three attended the 2024 London Cloud Expo Event. The CTO Panel titled ‘Change at the speed of Gen-AI, attracting and retaining adaptive technology teams’ was highly informative and generated tonnes of thought-provoking questions from the attendees. The future of the tech workforce is certainly changing, and the question that remains is how can we continue to inspire a workforce whose place is slowly being usurped?

The panel consisted of four skilled speakers including host Christina Scott (Former CTO - OVO, NewsUK, FT), Andy Caddy (Group Chief Information Officer – PUREGYM), Catriona Campbell (MBE, CTIO – EY), and John Kundert (Chief Product & Technology Officer - Financial Times). Together they covered how job roles and responsibilities are going to have to adapt to the changing world where generative AI is becoming engrained into most tech and no-tech roles.

Below are their findings:

Spotting new tech and how to use it

Staying ahead of the curve to predict future tech trends will also be among some of the most sought-after skills in the industry. Helping to keep your company relevant and informed when new tech trends appear and understanding the synergy between technology and by what method to use it will be paramount in retaining talent in an AI-focused world.

Although it is just speculative right now, the panel seemed to feel the job market is likely to shift to be Project Management based in the far future rather than engineer-orientated, although this is not to say that engineers will be out of work.

People skills will be more valuable than tech skills

In the new approaching age of technology where AI and human work co-exist productively, there is predicted to be a push for talent who possess huge empathetic skills alongside solid communication and teamwork skills. In some ways, this push for more emotion-based attributes helps to counterbalance the hefty lifting of artificial intelligence that can only provide facts and sources.

Creating a team that is kind, empathetic and understanding will not only aid in company retention but also increase employee positivity at work. For example, being able to code may become obsolete because as AI develops it will likely be able to take over these tasks. Instead, companies are looking to create an amicable team that can work well in group projects taking emotional accountability for themselves when work gets challenging.


Problem-solving skills will hold even more desirability. AI can achieve many great tasks, but it is not our sole solution, sourcing and retaining employees who can work alongside AI and problem-solve issues external to technology will be highly desired by employers.


So how can employers acknowledge these new aims and increase their staff retention?

Ultimately, the success of retaining this new workforce falls to three key points; a sense of belonging, flexible working, and competitive salary.

Having a sense of belonging is becoming more important to retain talent. Employees need to know they are valued and have a purpose in their careers. Job satisfaction is likely to hinge on people understanding how they benefit their company. This can be improved by internal communications, such as staff newsletters that actively recognise technology teams’ contributions.

Tech roles are often filled by highly creative people and require creative work. Because of this, it is recommended to offer your employees the option of flexible working to assist their workflow. Granting staff the option to work both from an office and remotely will establish a trusting partnership that respects everyone's varied work styles.

Benefits are highly spoken about regarding staff retention. However, if you aren’t offering your employees a competitive salary, you likely won’t see your retention statistics rise as you’d like. Especially among AI-based tech jobs which are hiring rapidly, a below-market salary may exclude you from accessing a vast pool of potential talent.

As the industry shifts to accommodate a more modern way of working there are a vast array of possibilities to be discovered. AI will likely alleviate many of the mundane admin tasks of every day, so teams can prioritise tasks that provide greater satisfaction in their careers.

Thank you to Natasha, George, and Aaron for sharing their experience at the Cloud Expo Event. Please reach out today to discuss our bespoke talent solutions and discover how iO Associates can support your business in adapting to the changes of AI.