​Delivering top talent in Wind Energy.

Currently leading the renewable energy march with new and exciting projects growing globally. We’ve seen huge developments in the size and scale of projects since the industry started, and this trend can only continue as our engineering capabilities respond to the challenges of how we build bigger and better wind farms.

With offshore wind leading the charge across Europe and now pioneer projects in US and Asia it’s an exciting sector to be a part of. This is without the prospect of Floating Offshore Wind which will truly revolutionise the industry again.


Our specialisms in Wind Energy include:

  • ​​Electrical Engineers

  • ​Senior Authorised Persons

  • ​SCADA / Instrumentation Engineers

  • Civil / Structural Engineers

  • ​Mechanical Engineers

  • ​O&M Engineers

  • ​Geotechnical Engineers

  • ​Offshore Installation Specialists

  • GIS Specialists

  • ​Cable Engineers

  • ​Wind Energy Analysts

  • ​QA/QC and Inspection

  • ​WTG Engineers

  • ​Blade Technicians

  • ​HSE

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​Senior Wind Energy Team