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19th May: .Net Virtual Meetup - GraphQL in.Net Core & How to Stop Testing and Break Your Code Base

  • Wednesday, 19 May 2021
  • 06:30 PM - 08:30 PM

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iO Associates are delighted to bring you our next .Net Virtual Meetup on 19th May at 7pm! This session will be led by Poornima Nayar, Umbraco MVP and Senior Developer, and Clare Sudbery, Lead Engineer. This talk will cover GraphQL in.Net Core & How to Stop Testing and Break Your Code Base.

This session will be split into two parts. The first half of this talk will be led by Poornima Nayar, Unbraco MVP and Senior Developer.

About the speaker:

Poornima is a .Net developer with over 10 years of experience in .Net and Umbraco. She is passionate about learning new technologies and keeping herself up-to-date with the latest developments in technology. Outside her work, Poornima enjoys music and is undergoing training in Indian Classical music. Based in Langley, UK she mothers a little girl and spends her spare time reading, cooking and watching movies.

Poornima gives us some insight on her upcoming session:

GraphQL is a cool kid on the block. It's a term that is gaining traction these days and the tech stack is getting quite popular. In my session, I will introduce GraphQL as a concept. From there on, we will look at how we can create a GraphQL service and consume that GraphQL service in a Blazor App

The second half of this session will be led by Clare Sudbery, Lead Engineer.

About the speaker:

Clare is a lead consultant developer with Made Tech. She is a maths graduate with 20 years of software engineering experience, and a particular interest in teaching and mentoring; encouraging more women into IT; and banishing impostor syndrome. Seven years ago she returned to IT with a sigh of relief after a few years as a high school maths teacher. Since then she has embraced all things XP. She is on a mission to awaken the inner geek in clever women (and men) everywhere. Clare is a published novelist, and regularly blogs at technology and

In this session, Clare will be asking: Do you code on your own? When you do, do you write unit tests? Do you agree that there are benefits to using test-driven development?

‘Recently, I asked a friend to pair with me on a personal project because my testing strategy was getting lax. I stopped testing for bad reasons, but started again for good ones. The experience has allowed me to demonstrate in practice the impact it can have on your code base when you don’t test, and also when you do. This talk, based on simple practical examples, will explain exactly why unit tests, a TDD approach and pairing can make all the difference to your code.’

We hope you can join us and please get in touch with any questions or suggestions on future virtual meetups.

In addition, if there’s anything we can help you with in regards to sourcing candidates or finding a new role please do also get in touch.

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