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iO Associates Are Sponsoring Wackathon 2023

Posted on March 2023 By iO Associates

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iO Associates are thrilled to be sponsoring 2023’s Wackathon race! A 24hr Hackathon run by WiT Bath.

Hackathon is a Women and Gender Minority-run group at The University of Bath. A Hackathon is an event where people engage in rapid and collaborative engineering over a relatively short period of time such as 24 or 48 hours. Its goal is to help form a strong network of women and gender minority technology enthusiasts around the UK to share skills, increase confidence and give access to the great opportunities of industry partners.

iO Associates are an active member in this space, and therefore are delighted to be sponsoring WiT’s Hackathon.

This year’s theme will be Smart Cities, featuring five tracks offering up to £1,100 in prizes! The tracks this year are:

• Sustainability

• Accessibility

• Embedded Systems

• Internet of Things

• Hackers’ Choice

The event will be open to non-men from any UK university, with participants required to attend in person.

With taking part there will be an opportunity for all participants to network and broaden professional contacts. iO and WiT understand that being a woman or part of a gender minority in technology is not always easy; statistics suggesting that only 26.7% of the Tech Industry is female. We are excited for an event designed with upmost inclusivity to meet the other brilliant and powerful members of our community.

Joining the challenge will be iO’s very own Laurie Stewart! Read on to hear her comments below:

"Having previously worked at the University of Bath supporting placements I’m excited to get involved with the student community again and am so pleased iO are happy to sponsor their Women in Tech Hackathon happening in March.

As my specialism at iO is working with User Experience (UX) Designers and Researchers, accessibility is often at the forefront of the conversation. They champion accessibility within tech and software products, ensuring these requirements are included at the development stage. So, when sponsoring an event highlighting one element of diversity it seemed like a great opportunity to draw attention and further explore another aspect of inclusivity within tech!

Working in tech in recruitment it is clear that there is still work to be done in terms of diversity at some organisations, supporting events like this helps to highlight the amazing up and coming female talent we have here in the UK.”

This year’s event is sure to be fun, educational, and developmental!

Sign up through the link below or contact us for more details on how you can get involved this year!

Sign Up Here!