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iO Associates are Partners with Cepro!

Posted on July 2023 By Josh Shaw

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iO Associates are proud to partner with Cepro, our latest RPO Partnership!

For over a decade, Cepro have been developing and deploying rooftop solar, heat pumps and energy storage to provide consumers with clean energy solutions.

What is pioneering about their mission, and an ever more important factor, is their use of data analytics to utilise a flexible energy option. Working with housing communities, their private electricity network is able to distribute energy according to usage, enabling a community to receive more cost efficient electricity. So whether you are fully remote; a full time parent; work in the office for 5 days a week, you will have an energy bill that is affordable; flexible; sustainable and community driven.

With UK Legislation mandating the use of clean energy alternatives for new builds, they truly are among the pioneers for community driven sustainable development.

Cepro have partnered with iO Associates utilising their RPO solution because the values of our business’s align so closely.

Community driven – both companies have a commitment to enhancing local communities through technology. Where Cepro’s model utilises technology in a direct way, iO plan to utilise our network to ensure that the word is out and the right people help to drive the business forward, which brings me on to the next point…

Connection – Where Cepro are connecting people to sustainable energy, iO Associates are committed to connecting people. Utilising our networks with Energy and Sustainability, iO hope to promote Cepro’s brand within the Energy community and awareness of the fantastic work they are doing, while also connecting with individuals that are interested in the work they are doing and looking at potential job roles within Cepro.

Collaboration – Cepro’s ethos on building a collaborative, impactful and positive work environment is one of the many reasons we are so excited to partner with this business. With such an important mission, it is important that every appreciates their contribution and value to the mission and iO are delighted to offer market insights, training and consultancy on how to create a happy working environment.

It is rare to find such a close alignment of values and to support a mission that truly resonates with your own ambitions so iO are delighted to offer the full extent of our resource with our RPO solution for Cepro.

Over the next year, iO will be assisting Cepro with the recruitment of Engineering, IT, Development, Project Management, HR and Finance staff a Cepro scale up their business so, if you are interested in a career within sustainable energy, or would like to discuss scale up solutions for your business, please get in touch!